Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year

I have a weird way of visualizing time, as my wife will attest. For one thing, calendars always seem backwards to me; Mondays should be on the right, with the following Tuesday on the left, Wednesday to the left of short, weeks, for me, flow from right to left.  A mirror image of a typical desktop calendar.  Don't ask me why.

Also, the year is a circle, much like a clock.  But it runs counter-clockwise.  December is in the "12" position, January in the "11" spot, and so on.

Christmas and New Year's are right at the top of the circle, and right now, we are all cresting.  We're at the highest part of the year, up here where it's windy and you can see in all directions for miles, like at the top of the hill on a roller coaster.  We're about to plummet down through exhilarating springtime.

Anyway, it's crowded up here at the top, with lots of people, and events, and projects; the shopping, parties, gift giving, baking, cleaning, family time.  Art has taken a back seat to Christmas trees and playing new board games and visiting friends.

But 2017 is about the pounce, and I have stuff to work on.  More house drawings lined up; and my recent oil landscape has really made me want to paint more!

I haven't had much to post lately, but I am ready to go.  I want the new year to be my most productive yet. I think it will be.

I am so grateful for the all the clients who have commissioned artwork in the past few years.  I think I'm at about 60 finished house portraits at this point, but it's hard to be exact because there were a few I didn't document well due to them being rush jobs.  I think a few records(and no more than a few, thank goodness) were lost when one of my flash drives got scrambled a year ago.  But at any rate, I've done a lot, and more keep popping up.

I am also so very grateful for all my friends and family who have been so supportive of my art career.  I can never repay you!

Happy New Year, everyone.  However your 2016 was--and yeah, 2016's reputation isn't good right now--may your 2017 be better and brighter.

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