Monday, March 25, 2013

Steven Walker - paintings at B. Deemer Gallery

I went to this gallery opening for a painter, Steven Walker, on Saturday after I saw it mentioned on Facebook.  I was struck by the guy’s landscapes.  I took my daughters to B. Deemer Gallery on Frankfort Avenue, and we enjoyed the paintings and got to watch him paint a little.  Today I decided to look him up online, and found his blog, and then laughed when I saw the third photo down—that’s one of my daughters and me by the front door.

Steven Walker's blog

I didn’t realize our photo was being taken because we were trying to get out of the way of the door.  Looking back, I was dimly aware that there was a young lady taking a lot of photos.

I appreciate many different styles of artwork, but this is the way I personally want to paint. I’ll have to go back to get another look at his work in person.

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