Thursday, December 1, 2011

Artist Statement

 I've been working on an artist statement.  It's a struggle. Here's what I have so far:
Of art media, my first love is oil paint, but I started exploring pen & ink a few years ago for reasons of convenience.  I then sort of blundered into a sideline of drawing house portraits, and my appreciation of the medium grew as I began exploring it more earnestly.  I like the whole process: the experimentation of making my own walnut ink and drawing tools, watching how the ink changes as it dries, and working in building up layers.  What I like best, though, is seeing how individual marks and brush strokes build an illusion.  I love to look at that line between the components and the whole, where I can see the parts that are working together.
My favorite subjects are landscapes and old architecture, and I prefer to combine both.  Places and things that have been "worked over" by both humans and nature catch my eye, and I find the history of an area is always worth examining.  My art feels most satisfying to me when it combines the journaling my experiences, exploration of my environment, and experimentation with variety and subtlety of color and line.
I'm sure I'll be changing it in the next few days to get something ready for the Mazin show at JCC.  I welcome any comments.

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  1. So, when you exhibit your art in the JCC Art Show you must have a little "statement about the artist" to accompany the piece? Anonymous Pop